We firmly believe that awareness is one of top priorities in the fight against congenital heart defects. We have created a wide variety of awareness products that are not specific to any group or organization. They were created with the sole purpose of raising awareness of congenital heart defects.  To see all our awareness products, as well as the books we offer for support, please visit our store.


Our calendar tracks both local and national events, including fund-raisers, member gatherings, and family events.  Find our calendar on our Facebook page here.


Kids With Heart has a large library of books specifically related to congenital heart defects. Over the years, many hospitals and various groups and organizations have ordered books through Kids With Heart for their parent libraries and other education purposes. Many of our books are only available through Kids With Heart National Association for Childrens Heart Disorders.  To purchase these books for your own library, visit our store, which also contains our awareness products.


The bottom line in the area of congenital heart defects is research. To find a cause, cure, or prevention to congenital heart defects to elimate groups such as ours. Kids With Heart supports varies research projects, including the American Heart Associations Zachary Brooks CHD Endowment. Our ultimate goal is to find a cause, cure, and prevention of congenital heart defects so that groups such as Kids With Heart are no longer needed.


Articles related to heart defects, surgeries and medical advances, and new options for parents.  Articles are reposted in their entire form, allowing you a quick access to all articles gathered in one location.


Whether you are looking to organize a fund raiser, promote awareness, host parent meetings, or a variety of other roles within the organization, Kids With Heart is always looking for volunteers to help.